Today we are going to learn about Stonehenge and Salisbury:

Read the text on page 12 of your reading books and answer the following questions on your notebooks:
1. On esta Stonehenge?
2. Quan es va construir?
3. A que es refereix l'oració "This is an amazing mystery"
4. Menciona tres de les posibles explicacions del ús d'aquest monument.

Where is it?
Copy the map and and look in the internet to do the following tasks:
1. Situate and paint: Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales.
2. Stonehenge is near Salisbury. Place it on the map.

The city.
Stonehenge is near Salisbury. Read the information in this document and answer the questions on your notebooks.

1. Which river crosses the city?
2. How many inhabitants has it got?
3. When did people start living there?
4. Where can you see a very old clock?
5. What can children do at South Wiltshire Museum?
6. What is the name of the market?
7. How far is Stonehenge from Salisbury?
8. Who composed music in Salisbury?
9. Who painted Salisbury landscapes with the Cathedral?
10. Say three things you can do or see at Salisbury Arts Festival?
11. Why do they organize ghost tours?
12. Who do you know that live in Salisbury?

Mira les fotos i entra als links que hi ha al final del document. Enviam un misatge amb la teva opinió.

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