SPLIT XV (food and drink, count/uncount, plurals, some/any)

Let's have some practice on Unit 6
a) Vocabulary:
Revise food and drink vocabulary doing this exercise
Copy all the vocabulary and translate it into Catalan or Spanish on your notebooks.

b) Grammar:
Copy the following notes on your notebook and do the exercises:

1. +s : boy-boys, flower-flowers.
2. +es (after -s/-ch/-sh/-x): match-matches, box-boxes.
3. -ies (after consonant + y): country-countries.
4. -ves (after -f/-fe): thief-thieves, wife-wives
5. Irregular plurals :
man-men          woman-women
foot-feet            tooth-teeth                 goose-geese
mouse-mice       child- children
fish-fish             sheep-sheep

Activities: 1 2 

1. Countable nouns: you can count them and use them in singular and plural: one book, two books, three...
2. Uncountable nouns: you can't count them and they refer to substances, liquids, powders, abstract concepts, etc: chocolate, milk, flour, money, etc

In this game you have to click on all the count nouns:  2

1. We use SOME with:
Plural count and  uncount nouns in affirmative sentences: There are some students at the library
but also:  Can I have some bread? (request) or Do you want some coke? (offer)

2. We use ANY with:
Plural count and uncount nouns in negatives and questions: Have you good any books in English?
There isn't any water in the fridge.

Activities: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

After so much work you may want to listen to a song:
SOME SAY by  Sum 41

The lyrics:
Some say we're never meant to grow up
I'm sure they never knew enough
I know the pressures won't go away
It's too late
Find out the difference somehow
It's too late to even have faith
Don't think things will ever change
You must be dreaming
Think before you make up your mind
You don't seem to realise
I can do this on my own
And if I fall I'll take it all
It's so easy after all
Believe me 'cause now's the time to try
Don't wait, the chance will pass

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