SPLIT XII (weather, present continuous)

Hello everybody!

Today we are doing activities to practise unit 4.
There we go!
First, weather vocabulary:

1. Read and revise.

2. Do the following activities:

Now see the present continuous:

1. Study the tables and do the exercises:


Spelling rules
1. Normalment afegim – ing al infinitiu sense canvis: play- playing.
2. Als verbs acabats en -e, la e desapareix i s'afegeix -ing: write-writing
3. Els verbs d'una síl·laba que acaben en una sola vocal i una única consonant dupliquen la consonant final: swim- swimming.Excepte els acabats en w o y que no es dupliquen.
4. Als verbs acabats en -ie, aquesta terminació es converteix en -y i afegim -ing: die-dying
Recorda també: travel- travelling


I am eating
you are eating
he/she/it is eating
we/you /they are eating


I'm not eating
you aren't eating
he she isn't eating
we/you/ they aren't eating


Am I eating?
Are you eating?
Is he /she/it eating?
Are we/you/they eating?

The activities in this post are from: www.britishcouncil.org, www.isabelperez.com, http://webs2.uvcs.uvic.ca, www.eclecticenglish.com, www.english-hilfen.de. and adele's corner.

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