SPLIT XIII (countries and nationalities, present continuous, song)

Today we are working on unit 4 to prepare the exam we are having next 30th March

1. Check some vocabulary:

Countries and nationalities 1

Countries and nationalities 2

2. Practice present continuous tense:

a. Fill in the blanks with the correct verb in pres. cont. affirmtive.

b. Questions and short answers.

c. Present continuous all forms.

d. Translation.

e. Read the note and do the following exercise:

Hem vist com es formen el present continuo i el simple. 
Recorda que el present simple es fa servir per parlar de les coses que es fan habitualment o amb una certa freqüència, per això sol anar acompanyat d'adverbis com usually, often, never, etc. El present contínuo en canvi es fa servir per parlar de allò que està passant ara mateix o que feim excepcionalment, fora de la rutina i, per aixó, sol anar acompanyat dels adverbis com now, at the moment o today.

Present simple vs present continuous exercises : 1  2  3  4  5

3. Now click on the picture to listen and complete the song:

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